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"An Education In Italian Life and Culture 
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Locating the best B & B fit requires that travelers fully understand what is important to them on their journey. My family visits countries to educate and broaden ourselves and gain greater insight into the people, their culture and lifestyle and this home more than met that goal. I have traveled internationally for 58 years and our visit with Anna and Jacques was still quite unique because it was a visit with them and their family, not simply a stay in their lovely villa. We were their only two nights but in that time we shared a wonderful meal in their home on Jacques' birthday where we exchanged information about our countries and our families. The next day we enjoyed a well orchestrated and completely delightful cooking class with Anna. Food is definitely a seed in the cultural learning process. And finally, that night we experienced one of the most memorable nights of our travels at a local winery, whose owner is a friend of our hosts, where we shared the food prepared in the cooking class and tasted five incredible wines. This is a highly intelligent and knowledgeable couple with an impressive understanding of the US who made us feel like a part of their family, not simply guests. And while this appears effortless for them, it is clear that they do a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes before and after their guests' arrival to make it happen. Their home is historic at every turn and easily lends itself to an environment of communication between two different worlds: old and new; North America and Europe. The stay in this villa is not just about a comfortable bed, a lovely garden, a breath-taking fresco or cherished air conditioning, it is about the generous hearts of an extremely gracious couple and their friends who opened their lives to us for two short days. I would encourage all to stay here, but do so only if you wish to open your hearts and minds to a cultural exchange. If you go with a mindset of anything less than that, you will miss something absolutely spectacular.

Candice Ferguson - North Carolina USA 



Rob & I have just attended Anna's Cookery classes at Villa San Pietro. What a delight. They were so much fun , very easy to understand. Learning lots of techniques for cooking everyday, useful dishes. Anna's passion for cooking is infectious & has left us both eager to try out what we have learned & wanting to return to learn more. Fantastic!

Anne and Rob Dunn - England



Your hospitality is in such contrast to the usual hotels we stay in and is what makes Villa San Pietro a unique experience. Joining you for dinner and the cooking classes was a sheer delight.

We look forward to seeing you in Kent at Leeds Castle Food Festival in September !

Faith and David Mc Clure - England May 2017


Thank you so much, Anna, for your wonderful cooking! We had a delightful time learning about Italian food and sharing meals with you was so special, we certainly love Italy. 

Doug and Susie Sussie - USA 



Thank you Anna for your warm hospitality, for your friendship and superb cooking shown to us during our stay.

We are very much looking forward to coming back to see you again soon.

Victoria and Stuart Black - England October