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Come and cook with me in my kitchen: 1 day course or 1 week course within a stay at Villa San Pietro Bed and Breakfast near Lake Garda are always available.  Just contact me to schedule it.
My entire family has been my inspiration.  My Dad died several years ago and my initial inspiration was his cooking which was simple, very tasty and rich in flavours. Cooking his recipes has always been a way for me to feel close to him.
I am also extremely lucky to have met my great grandmother Doralice (1873-1973), my grandmother Alda (1911-2004) and I still have my Mom Gabriella helping me with her recipes. I have learned and I am still learning from them through their cook books.
Below on the left, it is one of my Great Grandmother Doralice's cookbooks, I treasure them and they are an essential part of my cooking.  
In the centre that is me, always smiling at life.
On the right, it is a photo of my little Cook Book " Three glamourous women and I in my kitchen" that I wrote beginning of 2017 to pay my family a tribute. Available for guests and on sale for eveybody.
My family ties are very strong and they show also in my kitchen. I strongly believe Italian cuisine is at its best  if seasonal ingredients  offered at our local markets are used. Freshness, authenticity and simplicity are the key elements of my cuisine. 
During classes, we work on a selection of Italian main courses such as: savoury croissants and entrées, all sorts of homemade pasta, soup and risotto, meat dishes and fish dishes, quiche, focaccia, and bread, sweet croissants, cakes and muffins.
I certainly owe my family the person I have become and everything I have achieved in life.

I run with my husband Jacques Anna's Cookery School at Villa San Pietro Bed and Breakfast by lake Garda, Italy. We started our B&B business in 1997 and we have been welcoming guests from all over the world ever since.


I was born in 1963 in Brescia, Northern Italy. I attended Bologna University and own a degree in French and English, I am a certified translator and interpreter. After many years working as an interpreter, in 1997 I decided to transform my passion for people, foreign languages, food and wine into my own job and I am extremely proud to share my life with my guests.  

Contact me for cooking classes : 1 day courses are available as well as a 1 week stay at Villa San Pietro B&B near Lake Garda with cooking classes, dinners in the garden, bike tours with my husband Jacques all throughout the year!

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Making bread

Making bread

Making spaghetti alla chitarra

Making focaccia